Monday, January 2, 2012

counting days 1..2..3...

Numbers were always something I had hated since my childhood. I preferred a total sum rather than counts :-) slowly the numbers creeped into my life like as if it is never gonna leave me alone for a moment. mathematics, physics, chemistry equations, calculus uffffff i was fed up to the core ! very less did i now that one day the numbers and the counting will be the integral part of my life...i knew it after my true love came in to my life and made it worth living ! staying far and the dying crave to be together, to be in each others' arms had been such a desired wish of eternity !

As she went out of the country, nothing was sure about where she will be, and when will she return. one thing that i knew were the name of the months. She went in december and said she will be back by march, thats when 3 months suddenly became almost 90 days....2160 hours...129600 mins....7776000 secs !!!!!CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT !! the circle of life caught me in !i cud have never thought of seeing those numbers in my life, but now i started counting 7776000 secs, i count 129600 mins ..and i keep alarm for every hour to be sure on my count of 2160 hours !!!

I have eve started to count my breath to be sure of me being alive :-) sounds funny ??? well when you are truly madly and deeply in love a hell lot of things seems funny ! I know it very well that i before i thought of it my love had already started the countdown way long before me ! I know she would do it because she loves me more than i do, and i do not feel shy rather i am proud that she loves me more and I am inspired to loves her much more every moment !

I am not sad ! I am excited i am feeling the tickle ..the butterfly in my stomach finally feel the moment when i will run to her and hold her in my arms and will kiss her for making all the numbers worth counting for ! i am counting .... :-) i love you my life suman !!

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