Thursday, April 30, 2009

We the Idiots !!!

I am back after almost.... ages ..I believe. I am sure everyone is coping up with their lives and leading a life of "AAM AADMI" !! congrats !!

This time again its about us. You might be thinking, why the heck did I use such title?? The answer is very simple. It is because it is the truth.. a truth about everyone of us, that we are the idiots (despite our education and so called "trying to be someone successful" attitude)

I presume that you all might be not so happy with the way I am throwing my words. But I am sorry to say that's the fact. enough of beating round the bush. Lets come to the main point. Recently I was going through a networking site, where I came across a discussion about "whether Dr Manmohan Singh should be the next PM?". The discussion had tremendous inputs from senior employees of big shot companies. To my surprise most of the comment was Against Dr. MMS. Well it can always be, every one has got the freedom of speech.But what I couldn't understand was the fact that the people were coming out with lot of points which were unknown to, i believe almost every one of us (except for the one who said that). All of a sudden began a comparison between MMS and Advani. Gosh you should have read those.

One of them said "ADVANI is less fatal for India" !!! ha ha ha ha !! i asked him, what do you mean being less fatal??? he din answer..probably the truth had come out accidentally. You all must be thinking that I am a supporter of MMS. Well sorry to disappoint you, I do not support anyone, coz the root of every political party is rotten. But tell me one thing honestly, rite now there are two PM candidates..MMS and Advani ...either one is going to rule India (and their pockets as well :-)) ...who should rightly be our next PM???
should it be MMS? a genuine gentleman, very intelligent academically, soft spoken (some even say he is the puppet of the party president) OR should it be Advani who is aggressive, out spoken, BOLD, comparatively less knowledge about what is happening in the world (except for the RAM mandir issue, setu samudram, Hindutwa and all the issues related to religion)...???

You all would have been thinking that why did referred you as idiots and spoke about MMS and Advani....I am coming to that point as well !!1 :-) we are the IDIOTS because, ultimately we did not and would not choose our PM..We did not vote for a leader, rather voted for a party. We did not hope to bring revolution, rather wanted to play safe and get rid of this election stuff. I know while you read this, deep down you you are thinking that I am correct.

We call ourselves educated, superior animal, possessing lifestyles, being successful, etc etc !!! well my friends we are the idiots, and I am the biggest idiot to tell you all these. We haven't used our fundamental rights...actually 99% of you don't even know about our fundamental rights. The reason for writing this is not just for sake of writing. If 1 person out of 100 read this and understand the Value of being and remaining true Indian, then probably in another 2 elections we would be able to choose a leader we want to and not someone we have to. All the best my beloved Idiots !! :-)