Saturday, June 4, 2011

truth for a cry

Since my childhood I was told, " son always speak the truth, cause it never hurts"..well i guess my parents and teachers could have never thought how the future will be . I thought being honest and truthful will always solve any problem in this damn world...but here after i am now confirmed that my elders had just an dogmatic assertion about this fact of life.

I lied in many occasions and all those were for escaping some sticks from the teachers :-) and sometimes to parents to be with my friends..for everything else i thought i must speak the truth. And what i got in turn??? .... SILENCE !!!

I always thought if I tell the truth, I will always be understood clearly...there is going to be no misunderstanding...and people will understand that i have not hidden my thoughts and feelings. BUT...i am wrong... i dont know how to pretend, how to hide the emotions and feelings, tried for so many years now, but cant, it does reflect in my eyes.

Today something came to my heart, i told it clearly, without knowing that a simple and harmless and an honest truth would boomerang back to me with so much of pain and guilt !! When I shout and try to say that "I told the truth", i am misunderstood... really that is the time i feel so bad, and sad that my parents and my mentors and my seniours always guided me to the wrong direction...the direction of always telling the truth. little did they know that i will follow it from the bottom of my heart and would finally realise their mistake and realise that ..... " truth hurts".

But I will not change from mindset..because I know one day my truth will be known, and who knows I wont be there to cherish it.