Monday, January 2, 2012

Bitter/Sweet !!!!

Heard this word few time s but never understood what it actually meant - Bittersweet ! how can something be bitter as well as sweet ? well time always takes its own course to make people understand all the unsolved mysteries of life ! well it became a reality for me , time made me understand the true meaning of it.

Bittersweet is when you can feel a smile but cannot see it... it is when you can feel the warmth but cannot hug is in the two mindedness even knowing that there will be no happens when everything is beautiful an just at reach but the time plays game of hide and seek happens when you know if you say a line there might be consequences but you still say it coz you cant afford to hide it from your happens when you know your love will never say no to you, but circumstantially the love asks you to understand the likeness of people around... it happens when you dont want to eat anything coz you know your love hasnt eaten for the happens when despite the hearts and the souls being bonded together the worldly affairs influence on the relationship !!

I might be wrong...i think I am wrong, coz I have no place for bittersweet !! someone once told me its either zero or a hundred ! so i like always chose the hundred....and I accept that I am wring in using the prefix of Bitter to the word Sweet ! everything is just sweet and gets sweeter then to sweetest ! all the experiences of love is and will only be sweet ! I have had so many sweet experiences of my love ! Bittersweet is just a thought ...a name given to perplexity ! i am not perplexed..I am sure of it , i am not thinking...I am feeling it within !!! Bittersweet is nothing !! it is either bitter or sweet... and I have chosen sweet coz love has chosen me !

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