Tuesday, February 19, 2008

let's Rise....

I sometimes wonder, what is wrong with all the people around. well you all must be thinking what actually i am talking about. Ok let me put it in this this way; how many people around the world do you think, actually take initiative and possess a heart full of guts to step forward and do something meaningful for the humanity and for the world peace???? I am damn sure that you dont have the answer.

Few weeks back as I was watching Discovery channel, i was really inspired by the people who quit all their jobs and dedicated their lives towards saving the endangered species, bringing up the orphan animals etc. I am very happy towards their commitment to do something different , something important, and something meaningful. now let me throw one more question at you. If these weak and endangered species need help for their survival, don't you think we, the foolish, selfish, greedy, with suicidal instincts, also need help ????? Each and every one i see around, it is just the same story; get up, eat, go out, eat, hang around, chat,eat, drink, gossip, have sex, have children, all crap quarrels with wives, neighbors, friends etc. it is all the same stuff happening over and over again. People think of earning more and more money, reaching for the stars, go places, but how many of these so called intelligent people care about building a better society, a better world to live in, and most importantly make themselves better???

I am just a young guy with a heart to make difference, with a heart to fight, but i cannot do it alone. I also know that there are hundreds like me who think alike but keep their mouth shut due to fear and failure. I am appealing and requesting all those to get back to me at the earliest. It all starts by creating the awareness first. I appeal to each and every one across the globe to think about my points once. I will eagerly wait for your responses. I am looking forward to form a network that will work for WORLD PEACE and JUSTICE. Let's Rise mates.

Yours sincerely,