Monday, May 4, 2009

The Inner Child !!!

Can anyone tell me what the real meaning of GROWING UP is????? Well I know you have hell lot to comment on it. Ok then Let me begin…

I have always wondered, during my 1st standard, of growing up someday. But that growing up was all about becoming physically big. Never knew that growing up would be so complex (made by we the human beings). I have realized down the years that our concept of growing is so simple..But almost all of us make it so perplex. I know as we become older, we tend to get matured in the way we look, think and act. But now the main point… why do we try to change what we are within??? Why???

I am an adult...Grown up...And I just love being myself being the child at heart. Not pretending and thing about what others might think and talk. There are times when I talk to people of my age or younger to me...And they say you are so kiddish? I really feel pity on them that they have lost their inner child so early!! Ha ha ha!! Poor things... Now you might tell me that there is always a time for everything..ya I agree !! But tell me my friends, stepping into your empty bedroom or bath room and being your inner child… does that make any sense to you!!! Well I am not talking of making a fool out of you, neither do I do it. But when you say “I am not into such irrelevant discussions”...”Its not of my age”… “Those are for Kids, grow up”... I just smile and laugh to the core deep within myself coz no matter how elder or younger you are, how much successful you are financially or in career, you have lost the most valuable asset you can possess till you die – “the inner child”!!

Am I talking crap?? No way..And if you think so then buddy I think you have moved ahead of growing up… you have grown old!!! I know many will refer to their own lives as they are reading it. That’s ok, at least realize it dear!!

So, next time when you are having pop corns and peanuts throw them in air and try catching it by your mouth. No matter where you are. ..Make a smiley on your thumb and talk to it for few seconds, no matter where you are. ..Make funny faces at small kids and make them laugh, no matter where you are… talk about the colours of clothes you are wearing and taste of foods you are eating, no matter where you are. Etc etc …You know I dont mind being called as kiddish, than be a hypocrite towards self !!

There are so many things in life to cherish. Don’t you realize the life is so small and uncertain? Let your build up physique and social status not stop you from being your “inner child”. Life fun buddy!! And while reading this if you have thought at least once that I am an idiot, then I thank you for it…coz that’s serves the purpose. I’m sure you din get me!! ha ha ha ..have fun !!




javalava said...

This reminds me of something I heard once: "an adult is the corpse that's left when childhood dies".

I agree with what you say, but I'm not so sure children are actually as pure "child" as you reckon. It seems to me kids also spend a lot of time "trying to be like someone else".

A German philosopher, Martin Heidegger, suggested that what he called "authentic being" -- being natural, spontaneously yourself is not how we begin. As human beings we are naturally our own people, developing our unique inner being. This is especially true of how we see and understand things.

We are born into a world that has meaning, but we didn't make it. They are our parents' or our culture's meanings, not ours. We need to take that shared meaning onto ourselves in order to communicate. But this happens *before* we've had a chance to work out who we are. Heidegger said we start of lost, developing first as a "they" self (what "they" would do, expect from us, etc.). Some people never grow beyond it. However if we can, like a snake, throw off this temporary "skin", we can live in the in-the-moment joy that is unconstrained by social convention.

What I'm trying to say is that I think young children don't have this pure authentic being you attribute to them. They are unaware, and awareness of joy is part of it. It is we, as adults, who see the unconstrained spontaneity of "childhood" in them, because we feel its call in our own hearts. I don't think children hear that call. The children I've known are mostly concerned with the call to be "a grown-up". Whatever that is!

Pandora said...

Ya you are absolutely true...I also feel there is absolutely no need of pretending to be someone if one is happy with himself. But compelled by our genetic factors, we are helpless !! :-) I have seen my close friends and relatives pretending to be like a intellectual antenna when they speak to their bosses over the phone, How funny it looks. and the next moment they will be themselves having fun and being themselves...thats where they live up to their Inner child. No matter how old we grow, few desire like flying in the sky..being invisible, having super strength etc etc ..have been in us since our childhood, then why do we deny and suppress the inner child ?? The day we would learn to make IT alive and groom IT, and cuddle with our emotions We would really enjoy every aspect of our life !!

suman kanjilal said...

it is never too late to have a happy childhood...:)))